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MADLOCK - screen lock

MAdLock is an Android lock screen application which displays beautiful ads on the Lock screen of a Smartphone as well as you can earn up-to Rs.300 per month by installing and using it. User will earn by just viewing the ads.
What are you waiting for... A registration bonus of Rs. 10 is available for all users. Take this opportunity and install MAdLock- A Mobile Lock Screen App. Also, refer your friend and earn 10% bonus on your friend's earning. While registration If you add reference code then you will get Rs. 10 as Referral Bonus.

Default Referral Code- 840TNG
Most important thing how you can actually redeem your reward points:
Your MAdLock money will increase on daily basis, which you can check from "MAdLock Manager -> Money" section.
Before Redeem the money, you required to verify your email address.
To Redeem, your "Current Balance" should be Rs 150+.

You can redeem money in the following ways
1 - Transfer to your Bank Account
2 - Mobile Prepaid Top Up
3 - Mobile Bill Payment

Feature List
1. Advertise based on interest areas.
2. Creative Ad Wallpapers for Lock screen.
3. Engage with your favourite ads.
4. Get paid as you unlock, on daily basis
5. Participate in Lucky draw, discount coupons, poll, and surveys and get rewarded.
6. Refer your friend to get bonus on his "My Earning"
7. Redeem and spend your Money in the form you wish: mobile balance, bank transfer


1. Install the app from Google Play.
2. Open the app.
3. Drag the "Lock" down to sign up with "MAdLock" to get ads & start earning.
4. Drag the "Lock" anywhere on screen to unlock mobile.
5. Drag the "Lock" down to engage with ads.
6. Refer your friend with "Invite Friend" option, and get 10% bonus on friends "My Earning".
7. Check the latest updates, messages, alerts, tips in "Notification" section.
8. Update your profile to get more accurate ads, from "Profile" section.
9. Update your Interest area, so we can serve you ads related to your interest, from "Interest" section.
10. Check your earning daily from "Money" section.


paisaswipe- screen lock

> You can earn upto Rs. 300 per month by just viewing ads
> Referring to your friends increases income manyfold.
> You can buy products, transfer to paypal, make donations or recharge phone and/or DTH.


> Just another irritating app producing referrals and other payment systems.
> only0.10 / 0.20 paise added eachtime you click an ad.
> Time waster (do you seriously want to shift this point to Pros?)
> Less user satisfaction i.e maybe not supported in other devices.
> Minimum cashout is Rs. 300. Calculate the amount of time you are going to earn this.



 1. Advertise based on interest areas.
2. Creative Ad Wallpapers for Lock screen.
3. Engage with your favorite ads.
4. Get paid on daily basis
6. Redeem and spend your money in refilling mobile phones, d2h etc.
7. Update your profile to get more accurate ads, from "Profile" section in quick links tab
8. Update your Interest area, so we can serve you ads related to your interest, from "Interest" section in quick links. Get interactive updates on News, Fashions, Bollywood, Entertainment, Arts & geographically placed offers & coupons.
9. Any feedback, suggestion, issues feel free to contact us on support@earnlock.co.in

All detailed information regarding redemption, FAQs, etc. is available on our website http://www.earnlock.co.in and in the app.

*A few ads are home ads for which a user won’t get paid. These ads will contain content from team Earnlock only.
** A user gets paid maximum Up to Rs.150 a month by using the application without referring any user. Addition to this the user gets paid Rs.5 for every referral he/she does. A user can refer maximum up to 5 people daily. A user can earn Rs.25 daily by referring people i.e. 750/775 per month.

download app site :- click here

USE REFFERING this code and 10 rs. bonus  
  ( REFFERING code :- 1049848 )




• Amazing deals right at your fingertips
• Interesting and quirky content, like Movie of the week, Recipe of the day, the latest in technology, entertainment, sport, fashion and health tips delivered directly to your phone 
• To see more, simply double-tap on the ad to ‘Launch’ it
• Re-visit the last 15 deals, discounts, ads and other content that were sent to you any time by going into ‘My eureka’ in the eureka app
• Save preferred content to your ‘Favorites’ in the Eureka app and view them anytime you fancy 
• View your next reward date and approximate reward amount by going to ‘My Rewards’ in the eureka app 

• ‘Share’ the deal, ad or content image with friends. Also share the Eureka app with friends (from ‘Settings’ in the Eureka app)
• If you are busy, you can request the ad to be shown ‘Later’
• You can pause the Eureka service for 2 days and resume it whenever you want to start earning your rewards again (remember, pausing it won’t earn you rewards)
• See 'How It Works' to learn more about the Eureka service or manage other settings

Launch the app at regular intervals to discover more! Please update your details in the ‘My Profile’ section of the Eureka app. At Eureka, we respect your privacy and the information you provide will only be used to serve you more relevant ads, deals and content.
Support: We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions, please visit us at www.eurekamobilead.com or email us at:support@eurekamobilead.com

 Every month 30 rs. recharge free

USE REFFERING this code and 10 rs. bonus  in 12 date every month ( REFFERING code :- 9824864475 )


Slidejoy screen lock

singup here free  :- click here

Android users now have a new option for earning money by simply using their phones, as Slidejoy has announced the launch of its app of the same name. The app is similar to Cashslide  as users are paid to view ads presented on their phone’s screen.
After signing up for Slidejoy, users are presented with an ad each time they turn on their phone. Users can swipe left to engage with the ad and learn more about its content, or can swipe right to simply unlock their phone. Either way, users earn the same amount of money per swipe.
Ads may redirect users to a specific website, a YouTube video, the Google Play store or a coupon page, as examples. Over time, the program’s machine-learning algorithm tracks the previous behaviors of users to identify the ads and content that are most relevant and profitable to them.
Users can cash out their earnings via Square Cash or choose to donate their earnings to charity. The platform targets to give users between $5 to $15 per month, with this range increasing as the algorithm learns a user’s habits.
“We are extremely excited to launch Slidejoy today,” said Robert Seo, CEO of Slidejoy. “Our app will revolutionize mobile advertising by providing real monetary value and utility for our users and advertisers. Our users will earn money and gain access to deals while viewing aesthetically pleasing content that is relevant to their interests. Advertisers on the other hand will be able to direct targeted ads to their audiences while gaining access to the most frequently viewed screen.”
Slidejoy is now available to download for free on the Google Play store. Slidejoy expects its iOS app to launch by the Fall of 2014.
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We have already provided many free recharge site ,people are very curious about them here is one another addition ziptt

With this site you can earn in following ways

  1. Play quizzes  Collect upto 1 rs for everyquiz free recharge balance will be credited at the end when you complete quiz
  2. Upload funny pics 0.05 rs for each approved pic add more images and earn more
  3. Create contest 0.30 rs for every approved question create polls,quizzes etc and earn for each approval
  4. Shop online-upto 200 rs shop with their partner sites like kyzoonga ,baby oye and earn cash back each time you shop
  5. Check horoscope 0.20rs for reading horoscope goto horoscope page daily and click claim 0.20 rs 20 paise will be added to your account
  6. view 25 funny images and get 0.50rs  keep viewing and keep collecting credits
  7. Refer and earn 1 rs per valid referral invite all your gmail,yahoo and facebook friends and earn without work
  8. Upto 0.40 rs per day for just logging in daily just login daily in sequence for the first 10 days you will get 20 p per day from 11th day you will get 30 p per day and from 21 day you will get 40p mentain this sequence if you break it you will need to begin from start again

 0.20rs for successful signup

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